About Us

Formtech Enterprises, Inc. is a custom plastic extrusion manufacturer.  Each custom plastic profile that we manufacture is custom to our customers; we do not offer a catalog of stock parts.

Formtech works hard to promote a customer centric culture.  We understand that your satisfaction is critical to our success and that without you, we don’t exist.  With over 40 years of experience, Formtech has developed the capabilities necessary to help our customers solve complex manufacturing and product challenges.

We house an engineering staff at each location who will work with our customers to ensure that your product works as planned in its application.

We also house a quality staff in each location, that coordinates the site’s quality processes and product inspections to ensure you receive high quality products with each shipment.

Of course, our sales and customer service team is always available to assist as well.


Formtech Enterprises, Inc. was founded in May 1970 in a 5,000 square foot plant in Akron, Ohio.  The company produced foamed PVC moldings and custom plastic extrusions, focusing largely on developing new technologies that would help its cu... read more >>>

Formtech has two manufacturing facilities with diverse capabilities in producing custom plastic extruded profiles.  Contact us to schedule a visit or to learn more about these facilities. Athens, Geo... read more >>>