With over forty years of experience, Formtech has been able to develop innovative capabilities that allow us to service manufacturers and distributors in several industries.  Explore our capabilities to learn more about Formtech or contact us to discuss your project.

Engineering & Tooling
Formtech Enterprises is committed to producing innovative and oftentimes complex products that solve the manufacturing and product needs of our customers.  Formtech has an engineering team at each of our manufacturing facilities that will work with... read more >>>

Formtech has developed unique capabilities in extruding custom plastic profiles.  Our single-screw and twin-screw technologies provide us versatility in both the types of profiles we can extrude as well as the materials that we can extrude. This... read more >>>

Thermoplastic Materials
Selecting the correct material is an important process, which will ultimately affect how your product functions in its application.  Formtech can help guide you through this critical process.  Formtech extrudes several thermoplasti... read more >>>

Wood Plastic Composite Materials
Wood plastic composite materials (or WPC materials) combine the properties of the thermoplastic material used in the compound with the properties of wood.  This results in a material that has a lower coefficient of thermal expans... read more >>>

Value Added Services
Formtech offers several services to help add value to your plastic extruded profile.  Explore custom color matching or embossing and texturing to learn about aesthetic options, or explore adhesive and film application, cut to length, or fabrication ... read more >>>