Value Added Services

Formtech offers several services to help add value to your plastic extruded profile.  Explore custom color matching or embossing and texturing to learn about aesthetic options, or explore adhesive and film application, cut to length, or fabrication to understand how we can help enhance the functionality of your profile in your application.  Finally, our finished good services are available to help save you time and costs associated with custom packaging and shipping options.

Color Matching
Formtech has the ability to provide custom plastic extruded profiles in most colors.  By working closely with our resin and color suppliers, Formtech is able to extrude colored profiles that match a specific PMS number, the color of ... read more >>>

Embossing & Texturing
Formtech can extrude a custom profile with an embossed or textured surface.  This process provides significant aesthetic advantages, while adding a minimal increase in product cost. Popular embossing and texturing patterns inc... read more >>>

Adhesive & Film Application
Formtech can apply adhesives or film to a product in-line, reducing the labor and time needed to apply such products manually. Formtech can apply adhesives, including the following, in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors: ... read more >>>

Cut to Length
Formtech will cut your plastic extruded profile to the length you specify, maintaining tight length tolerances during each and every cut.  Formtech uses high-tech cutting equipment including fly cutters, cut off saws, and punch syste... read more >>>

Formtech uses a vast range of fabrication techniques to provide value to our customers.  These fabrication processes, which are completed within tight tolerances, include: Punching Notching Slotting Tab Cre... read more >>>

Finished Good Services
Formtech wants to help our customers receive exactly the product that they need when it reaches their door.  As a result, Formtech performs the following finished good services: Stocking Plans: With warehouses in each man... read more >>>