Finished Good Services

Formtech wants to help our customers receive exactly the product that they need when it reaches their door.  As a result, Formtech performs the following finished good services:

  • Stocking Plans: With warehouses in each manufacturing facility, Formtech will develop Min/Max or Blanket Order Stocking Plans with its customers upon request.  (Note: Customer must have approved credit terms and a mutual stocking agreement must be signed.)
  • Drop Ships: Formtech will ship the order to the location you request.
  • Assembling:  Formtech will assemble extruded parts together to save our customers time related to unpacking product, assembling, and repacking the product.
  • Kitting:  Formtech will kit parts with other items such as other parts or instruction sheets.
  • Custom Carton Labeling:  Carton label styles can be altered to your specifications in terms of size, color, placement, and content.
  • Specific Packaging:  All extruded parts are packaged to your specifications, including the types of bags, cartons, or pallets to use, the number of pieces, the weight of the total package, etc.
  • Special Shipment Instructions: Formtech will honor any special shipment instructions you may have.  Shipments should be scheduled 48 hours in advance, although requests for expedited or emergency shipments will be considered.