Product Examples

Formtech has helped diverse customers solve unique problems.  Explore our case studies and product lines to discover the solutions we have helped our customers find and some of the products that we make today:

Wood Plastic Composite Door Surround
Wood Plastic Composite Patio Door Surround System Challenge A leading manufacturer of designer windows and doors was experiencing high scrap and rejection rates with its patio door assembly.  The customer’s assembly sys... read more >>>

Commercial Refrigeration Bumper Line
Product Overview Formtech produces a line of products used to refurbish commercial refrigeration cases, previously manufactured by Tyler Refrigeration.   The parts included in this line are a kickplate, bumpe... read more >>>

Showcase Framing System
Challenge A distributor of showcase systems for vinyl record albums, Legacy Creations, was experiencing issues with their showcase frames.  The system was meant to allow a user to showcase a vinyl album and have the ability to change out the albu... read more >>>

Truline Hybrid Sheet Piling System
Product Overview Truline is an innovative, hybrid sheet piling system comprised of a patented, double-locking, weatherable polymeric form that is produced by Formtech.  This form is filled with steel reinforced concrete to create a strong and lon... read more >>>