Showcase Framing System


A distributor of showcase systems for vinyl record albums, Legacy Creations, was experiencing issues with their showcase frames.  The system was meant to allow a user to showcase a vinyl album and have the ability to change out the album as desired by unsnapping the frame from the system.  To do this, the frame was the main piece holding the showcase system together.  However, the frame opening, where the extruded part slid over the showcase glass, was not consistent, causing the parts to fit loosely.  This was a problem for the distributors as well as the users, who were more comfortable with a secure fit.

Further, the frames the distributor was using did not meet properly at the corners of the frame, causing the user to become frustrated with re-assembling the part.  This caused the showcase to lose its aesthetic appeal as the glass of the showcase showed through the opening between the two frame pieces or the frame pieces overlapped.


Formtech recommended a redesign to the product that added material to increase the rigidity of the product and reduced the opening size so that the user could assemble and disassemble the product, but so that the frame would maintain a secure fit over the showcase.  This helped ensure that the showcase maintained its integrity and could be displayed comfortably by users in homes or businesses.

Formtech also designed an end cut system that allow perfect end cuts, within tight tolerances, to be maintained.  This system allowed the frame pieces to mate against one another without leaving gaps and without overlapping.  This process improved the appearance of the showcase and allowed Legacy Creations to promote the product as a high quality product with high aesthetic appeal.


Formtech met the needs of its customer.  With the improved frame extrusion and frame end cut system, the distributor could promote the frame’s integrity and refined appearance.