Cool Ways to Incorporate PVC into Your Home!

On May 1, 2017 | by Formtech | in Blog, Featured News, Uncategorized

We are always looking for and hearing about new ways that plastic extrusions can be used.  From commercial refrigeration bumpers to seawalls, plastic extruded profiles can be found in many places that you look.  Last week, Bill Wood of Plastics News talked about plastic products being used more in military products and medical products in his article, “Plastics will be Part of Solutions in the Future“.

You may have also seen plastic products used in your home.  Window lineals, deck boards, garage door seals, fencing posts, and siding pieces are all examples of extruded plastic profiles that you may see on an everyday basis.  Some products, such as PVC pipe, may also be used in your home for plumbing applications.  Have you ever thought, though, how PVC pipe can be used for applications other than in plumbing?

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