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It’s a question every company has when entertaining a new supplier: What is dealing with this company like?


With Formtech as your custom plastic extrusion supplier, we take the guesswork out.



We are only an email or call away at any given time, whether you are someone new with your first inquiry or a long time customer. Your calls don’t go to a receptionist, general mailbox, or black hole. We don’t have an automated person to fight with for ten minutes before reaching a human person. We are right here, waiting and ready to help.



“It takes a village,” is commonly referred to for parenting, but what process doesn’t take a village? We want to be part of yours as your go-to extrusion expert and that means getting to know you and cultivating a relationship. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers by name and each of their products.



We are a tight-knit team and always communicating about our customers and prospective customers, whether it’s solving a problem or discussing how to be even better. We measure our quality by our customers’ standards and we regularly get together to plan how best to exceed those expectations. To do that, we keep lines of communication open–between each other and with our customers.



We say what we mean and we mean what we say. It is one of our top priorities to be as reliable as possible. We offer reliability in our consistency, our timeliness, and our willingness to be by your side for all of your extrusion needs. You can count on Formtech to be there when you need us.



Are you looking for an extrusion partner who offers great customer service, superior quality, and a helpful hand? Contact us or email today about your extrusion project!

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