Resource Center

We believe it is important for our customers to understand our manufacturing process and the materials that are used in their products.  Our resource center is meant to help you answer some of these questions.  Learn about extrusion, plastic materials, and our industry in our Resource Center or contact us with your questions or to arrange a visit to one of our manufacturing facilities.

Extrusion Basics
At Formtech, we believe it is important for our customers to understand the plastic extrusion manufacturing process and how your products will be produced. Obtaining the Materials In order to produce a plastic extruded profile, F... read more >>>

Material Uses
Selecting the correct material is an important process, which will ultimately affect how your product functions it its application.  The following chart provides notable benefits, disadvantages, and application for the materials that Formtech extrud... read more >>>

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about plastic extrusions, the manufacturing process, and Formtech’s capabilities, or contact us with your questions.   What is plastic extrusion? What is the difference between plastic extrus... read more >>>