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The Atlanta, Georgia area is expecting snow tonight, with many schools and businesses closing due to winter weather.  Our Athens, Georgia plant remains open.  We anticipate no winter weather or weather related effects to our customers.  Note that drivers traveling through the snow-hit areas could face delays or unsafe travel conditions, depending on the severity of the storm.  To learn more about the upcoming storm, check out this USA Today article:


Custom Plastic Extrusions

Despite the weather, the Atlanta area is expecting a lot of traffic in the upcoming days.  Super Bowl LIII comes to town this Sunday!  In honor of the 53rd game, we present you with 53 fun facts about our nearby Athens, Georgia manufacturing facility:

Fun Facts

  1. Formtech’s Athens, Georgia extrusion manufacturing facility is 64 miles northeast of Mercedes-Benz stadium, the location of Super Bowl LIII.
  2. Our address is 126 Ben Burton Circle, in Bogart, Georgia.  Although we are officially in Bogart, we refer to the plant as our “Athens” facility.  More people are familiar with Athens than the nearby suburb of Bogart.
  3. We are located 1026 miles from the Gillette Stadium, where the New England Patriots play their home games.
  4. Our plant is located 2261 miles from Los Angeles Stadium, where the Los Angeles Rams play their home games.
  5. The Athens plant phone number is 706-543-2428.
  6. Need to fax instead?  Fax us at 706-354-8652.
  7. Several major cities are included within a 250 mile radius of the Athens plant.  Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA, Knoxville, TN, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Birmingham, AL, and Montgomery, AL are within this area.  A 250 mile radius generally represents a one-day shipping point.
  8. Our Athens plant is about a 12 hour drive from our plant in Fairview, Pennsylvania.  The location of our plants allow us to ship to most locations east of the Mississippi River in 2 days.
  9. The average high temperature in Athens, GA is 53.9°F.
  10. Formtech opened its Athens, GA plant in 1988.  (In the same year, the Washington Redskins beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXII!)
  11. The Athens plant is about 36,500 square feet.  This is nearly 65% of a football field.
  12. Our Athens extrusion facility sits on about 4 acres of land.  This is about 3 football fields!
  13. Formtech chose the Athens, Georgia location for our second plastic extrusion plant (the first was in Stow, OH) so it could service its southern customers more effectively.  Even in the 1980s, transportation costs and quick deliveries were important!
  14. The Athens plant is located near the University of Georgia.  UGA was founded in 1785, 203 years before our Athens manufacturing plant opened!
  15. Athens serviced the office furniture and window/door industries since it opened.  Today, it continues to service these industries as well as many others. Custom Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer
  16. Athens has twin screw extrusion technology.  This is perfect for high volume or large plastic profile extrusions.
  17. We also offer single screw extrusion technology in our Athens, Georgia plant.  These machines are perfect for smaller profiles or lower volume plastic extrusions.
  18. Athens specializes in high volume rigid PVC profile extrusions.  PVC is a popular plastic material that offers great properties for many applications and a competitive cost.
  19. In addition, Athens manufactures wood plastic composite (WPC) extrusions.   WPC materials combine the properties of plastic materials and wood and are often used in construction or building product applications.
    Custom Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer
  20. Our Athens plant has its own engineering team.  They are excited to talk about your project and the possibilities that plastic extrusions offer!
  21. Athens manufactures co-extrusions, tri-extrusions, and quad-extrusions.  These multiple material extrusions can offer great functionality and visual benefits.
  22. The Wood Plastic Composite Door Surround featured on our website is manufactured in our Athens, Georgia facility.  This product is a quad-extrusion made with wood plastic composite (WPC) material!
  23. Athens has capabilities in capstocking.  This is a multiple material extrusion process.  It involves covering a portion of a product with another material.  This process can offer functional, cost, or visual benefits.
  24. Wood plastic composite materials can be customized to meet your performance needs.  Different thermoplastics, or different ratios of plastics and wood are combined to make the composite material.
  25. Complex extrusions are the heart of our Athens facility.  Our team works with many intricate shapes including hollow profiles.
  26. We specialize in large extrusions.  Athens has manufactured extrusions up to 12” by 18”, which is a large size for a custom plastic extrusion.
  27. Our employees have come from other states to join the Formtech family.  Two of our employees are from as far away as Kansas and Pennsylvania!
  28. Athens also produces small plastic products.  The smallest part we manufacture today is about 3/8″ by 3/16″.
  29. We extrude recycled materials.  These materials are environmentally friendly and also offer lower costs than many virgin plastic options.
  30. Athens extrudes foam materials.  Ask about our capabilities in foam products! Foam PVC Extrusion
  31. We share news about all of our locations, including our Athens plant, on Facebook.  Check us out and give us a like!
  32. Three of our Athens team members (David, Jim, and John) share first names with a member of the New England Patriots, the team representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.
  33. In addition, three of our Athens team members (John, Sam, and Robert) share first names with a member of the Los Angeles Rams, the team representing the NFC in the Super Bowl.
  34. One of our employees shares a last name with a member of the Los Angeles Rams.  (Shields)
  35. Our Commercial Refrigeration Bumper product line is manufactured in Athens, Georgia.  This product line is used for Tyler Refrigeration cases.  It offers durable plastic products with a variety of color options, and an anti-scuff embossed finish.
    Custom Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer
  36. Formtech also manufactures our Truline Vinyl Sheet Piling product in Athens, Georgia.  To learn more about this product line, visit!
  37. Athens offers custom color matching to match your other products, mating parts, color chips, or PMS color numbers.  Red, white, blue or blue, gold, white…. you name the color, and we will match it!
  38. Embossing and texturing also can be added to your extrusions manufactured in Athens.  These processes can improve your profile’s visual appeal.
  39. Formtech has a Twitter account.  We share news about Formtech and the industry.  Check us out @formtechent.
  40. Does your extrusion need to stick to another product?  Athens can apply adhesives (or tape) to your profile extrusions.   Tapes make the mating process easier.
  41. Our Athens, Georgia facility has many inline fabrication capabilities.  These are perfect for high volume products, where quick lead times and low scrap rates are important.
  42. Athens also has offline fabrication capabilities.  These are ideal for low volume products, varying product configurations, or profile shapes that may require extended cooling time.
  43. Our most senior employee in Athens celebrated his 30th anniversary with Formtech in 2017.  Congratulations, Jim!
  44. Like our manufacturing plant in Fairview, PA, Athens is committed to offering high quality plastic extrusions.  It’s important that we meet (or exceed) our customer’s expectations.
  45. Check out our LinkedIn account for news about Formtech, including news about our Athens location.
  46. We have a great team in Athens, Georgia that includes Dana and Sam.  Check out our featured blog posts about them!
    Quality Assurance

    Sam Jordan, Quality Manager, for Athens, GA

  47. Athens works with a range of tolerances.  We understand that at times, standard industry tolerances will not work for your product.
  48. Our quality team uses a variety of equipment to check your parts.  For example, we use 10X comparators, color meters, gloss meters, calipers, and gages.  It’s important that you are happy with every product you receive from Formtech!
  49. All new product samples are submitted with a PPAP (production part approval process) .  It’s important that we ensure that the product meets all of your needs before we begin production.
  50. Our Athens, Georgia plant offers custom packaging.  Ask us about crating, returnable packaging, or other custom options.
  51. Athens ships throughout the United States and world.  For instance, we service customers in Mexico, Europe, and Australia.
  52. Safety is important in football.  It’s important to us, too!  Our Athens plant reported no lost time accidents in 2018!
  53. Are you interested in learning more?  Contact to get a quote or learn more!
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