Committed To Producing Innovative & Complex Products

Formtech Enterprises is committed to producing innovative and oftentimes complex products that solve the manufacturing and product needs of our customers.  Formtech has an engineering team at each of our manufacturing facilities that will work with customers to develop high-quality plastic extrusions that will meet this goal.

In order to ensure that the profile Formtech extrudes meets your needs, our engineers and sales team will ask you several questions.  These questions may include:

  • Shape: What are the dimensions of the product? We will request a drawing, preferably in AutoCAD format, of your profile. Which dimensions are critical? What tolerances must be maintained?
  • Material: What are the material requirements for your profile? Is there a specific material that you would like Formtech to use? How should the material function in its application?
  • Color: What color is your profile? Does your profile need to match another part?
  • Environment: Will your product be used in an outdoor environment or an indoor environment? To what temperature range will the profile be exposed?
  • Application: What is the application of your profile? Are there mating parts?
  • Fabrication: Do you require fabrication? Embossing? Adhesive?
  • Length: What is the length of your extrusion?
  • Packaging: How do you want the profile to be packaged?
  • Usage: What is the annual volume of your profile? How much product do you anticipate purchasing at a time?

After answering these questions, our engineering team will be able to make recommendations to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the part you receive.

Custom Plastic Extrusions
Custom Plastic Extrusions