Developing Unique Capabilities in Extruding Custom Plastic Profiles

Formtech has developed unique capabilities in extruding custom plastic profiles.  Our single-screw and twin-screw technologies provide us versatility in both the types of profiles we can extrude as well as the materials that we can extrude.

This flexibility allows us to focus on our priority: our customers.  We strive for complete customer satisfaction and look for the best ways to help our customers solve their manufacturing and product challenges.  Whether you need multiple materials in one complex extrusion or an intricate shape to fit your needs, our ability to manufacture complex extrusions will allow us to provide the product you need.

Our versatility as well as our expertise in clear, multiple material, hollow, and large extrusions can help you solve any problem you face.  Explore a few of these diverse capabilities:

Multiple Materials

Formtech can produce a custom plastic extruded profile with up to four different materials.  Formtech’s engineering team can discuss your application to determine whether a multiple material extrusion will best fit your needs.  Learn more

Clear Extrusions

With over fifty years of experience, Formtech has developed an expertise in producing plastic extruded profiles with superior clarity.  Clear plastic extruded profiles can include tubing, retail store data strips, light lenses, electrical components, and more.  Learn more

Hollow Profiles

Formtech has developed an expertise in manufacturing hollow plastic extrusions. Specialty tooling, including vacuum calibration, is generally necessary in order to extrude hollow type profiles.  However, with Formtech’s own tool building capabilities and its relationships with world class tooling vendors, hollow profiles can still be a viable and cost effective solution for your need. Learn more

Large Extrusions

Formtech extrudes a wide variety of profiles in different sizes and shapes.  This includes large extrusions. For instance, Formtech currently extrudes profiles that measure eighteen inches wide by twelve inches deep and weigh over fourteen pounds per foot!  Learn more