Developing Unique Capabilities in Extruding Custom Plastic Profiles

With over fifty years of experience, Formtech has developed an expertise in producing plastic extruded profiles with superior clarity.  Clear plastic extruded profiles can include tubing, retail store data strips, light lenses, electrical components, and more.  Options with clear profiles include:

Material Selection

Several resins, including rigid PVC, flexible PVC, acrylic, butyrate, and polycarbonate are available in clear compounds.  These materials allow for diverse applications with a clear product.

Multiple Materials

If your extrusion requires an area made with flexible material, clear flexible PVC can be used.  This material can be extruded with rigid PVC to create multiple functionalities within a singular extrusion.

Color Options

Clear compounds can be tinted in various colors.  For instance, a clear retail store data strip may be tinted to help reduce glare caused by UV or fluorescent lights.  In the case where a translucent extrusion is needed, clear plastics scan be tinted with any color to help achieve your goal.

Clear Adhesive

Clear adhesives are also available to minimize the look of the material on your extrusion.  While clear adhesives can be used with any colored, natural, or clear extrusion, they are often used with clear extrusions to meet a certain aesthetic need.

Formtech’s engineering team can discuss your application to determine whether a multiple material extrusion will best fit your needs.