Developing Unique Capabilities in Extruding Custom Plastic Profiles

Formtech has developed an expertise in manufacturing hollow plastic extrusions. These profiles provide two advantages to our customers:


A hollow extrusion can save customers on piece price by reducing the material cost of the product.  Eliminating material in the hollow area will reduce the amount of plastic material needed to create the profile.

Structural Integrity

If a customer is looking to seek benefits from reduced material costs but structural integrity is still necessary, a hollow extrusion can be an option.  Internal walls can be added inside the hollow area of the profile, which can add rigidity to the product.


Of course, in some instances, there may be a mating part or some object that must run through a hollow portion of an extrusion.  Formtech’s engineers will work with you to understand how the part must function and ensure that the hollow profile will meet your needs.

Specialty tooling, including vacuum calibration, is generally necessary in order to extrude hollow type profiles.  However, with Formtech’s own tool building capabilities and its relationships with world class tooling vendors, hollow profiles can still be a viable and cost effective solution for your need.