Formtech operates with high environmental standards.  We understand that many companies value sustainability and environmental friendliness, and we support our customers’ efforts to operate in this manner.  With this in mind, we offer our customers the option of recycled material, also called reprocessed material or regrind.

Recycled materials are generally created from scrap plastic products that are reprocessed for use.  For many extrusions, recycled materials can be processed efficiently.  They also can provide a lower cost option to virgin material alternatives.  Recycled materials are great for throw away applications, such as packaging products, where cost and function are critical.

Recycled materials, however, are not recommended for all applications.  Products with strict performance criteria, tight tolerances, or a highly consistent appearance generally are not made with recycled materials.  This is because recycled materials generally process less consistently than their virgin plastic alternatives.  In some cases, when visual criteria is important, a cap stock can be added through the co-extrusion process to maintain color consistency on a product that is mostly made from a recycled material.

For instance, Formtech manufactures Truline®, a vinyl sheet piling product.  Truline® is manufactured with recycled rigid PVC made of post-industrial recycled materials.  In addition, Truline® has a color matched capstock that is applied through the co-extrusion process.  The capstock provides advantages including:

  • Consistent color.  Truline® is offered in light gray, beige, or sand or in custom colors.  No matter what the case, the color will be consistent throughout your product, since the capstock is color matched and not affected by the recycled material.
  • UV-resistant.  The capstock offers UV-resistance against fading and discoloration.  This same property cannot be offered with regrind alone.

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Do you believe that recycled materials could be an option for your product?  Contact us to learn more!