Let Formtech Guide You in Wood Plastic Composites

Wood plastic composite materials (or WPC materials) combine the properties of the thermoplastic material used in the compound with the properties of wood.  This results in a material that has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, a higher heat deflection temperature, and a higher modulus of elasticity than the base thermoplastic in the compound.  In addition, wood plastic composite materials are resistant to rot, termite infestation, or decay.   Wood plastic composites can provide a great solution for many industries, such as the building industry, where products often withstand varying weather conditions, temperature ranges, and other environmental exposures.

In addition, wood plastic composite profiles can also be embossed and/or extruded with other materials (including capstocks) to provide additional functional and/or aesthetic advantages.

With over 30 years of experience extruding wood plastic composite materials, Formtech can help you determine if this material represents a viable solution for you.  We can also customize blends of the wood plastic composite in order to help achieve the performance characteristics desired for your application.

No matter your application, it is critical to select the correct material, which will ultimately affect how your product function it its application.   Let Formtech help you determine if a wood plastic composite is a solution for you!