Developing Unique Capabilities in Extruding Custom Plastic Profiles

Formtech can produce a custom plastic extruded profile with up to four different materials.  Benefits of a multiple material extrusion include:

Eliminate Assembly

In some applications, a multiple material extrusion can eliminate the need to assemble several discrete extrusions.  For instance, instead of having a separate rigid and flexible extrusion, the polymers can be combined to make one profile.

Considering Function & Cost

Multiple material extrusions can provide high functionality while still considering cost.  For instance, if wear resistance is required, an engineered polymer such as polycarbonate can be extruded to a less expensive thermoplastic resin like PVC to provide a profile that wears properly and is cost effective.


Two colored polymers can be extruded together to provide a distinct appearance. Similarly, a clear polymer can be extruded to a colored polymer.  For instance, a retail store data strip can have a clear front, so that the price can be displayed to the customer, and a colored back, so that the shelf edge has a consistent color.

Considering Appearance, Function, & Cost

If color is required, but the cost of dark colors is not attractive, Formtech can extrude multiple colored materials to help with cost.  For instance, instead of extruding an entire dark colored part, Formtech can provide a natural colored part with a colored capstock.  For example, if a customer would like a brown part for an outdoor application, the profile will likely be expensive due to the high cost or dark, outdoor-grade materials.  Instead, Formtech can extrude a natural part with a dark, outdoor-grade capstock and a lighter core material, to save the customer on their per piece price.

Formtech’s engineering team can discuss your application to determine whether a multiple material extrusion will best fit your needs.

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