Applying Adhesives on Custom Plastic Extrusions

Formtech applies adhesives to your custom plastic extrusions.

What is an adhesive?  Think of any tape that you use.  An adhesive used in extrusion is a type of double-sided tape.  Formtech sticks the tape to the extrusion.  The opposite side of the tape has an easy-to remove liner.  Once the liner is removed, the extrusion adheres to a number of surfaces quickly and easily.  Adhesives oftentimes replace nails, screws, or other attachment devices.  Adhesives on extrusions can improve your product’s ease of use!

More than one adhesive can be applied down the length of the extrusion.  We complete this process in-line, which reduces the labor and time needed to apply these products manually.  Adhesives are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors, and bond to a variety of surfaces.  Types of available adhesive products include:

  • Foam Tape
  • Transfer Tape
  • Removable Tape
  • Permanent Tape
  • Magnetic Tape

Formtech also applies plastic films to some custom extrusions, to protect them during transportation or installation.  These plastic films are static-based, so they adhere to the plastic through static electricity.  No sticky or greasy residue remains on your plastic extrusion after the film is removed!  Ask about custom plastic films, such as those printed with your company’s logo!