Providing Assembly Of Custom Extruded Parts

Sometimes, a custom plastic extrusion alone just isn’t enough. Formtech wants to help our customers receive exactly the product that they need when it reaches their door.  Besides services that can help improve a product’s functionality, like fabrication or applying adhesive, Formtech also offers assembly services.

Formtech will assemble extruded parts together or with other non-extruded items. Today, Formtech assembles various products for its customers.

Formtech also performs kitting operations, where instruction sheets, hardware, or other items are included in a bag or carton with the plastic extrusions. Although this process may still require assembly by the customer or end-user, it at least allows for all items to be in one package.

By assembling in-house, Formtech saves our customers time and labor cost related to unpacking product, assembling, and repacking the product.