Providing Custom Plastic Extruded Profiles In Many Colors

Sometimes, your product requires a certain look, and color can help you achieve that appearance.  Formtech can provide custom plastic extruded profiles in most colors.  We work with our plastic compound suppliers and our color suppliers to develop custom color matches for your product. Formtech performs these custom color matches so that your extruded profile matches:

  • A specific PMS color number
  • A standard color chip (or color standard)
  • A mating part
  • The color of another product

We can complete color matches during the development of your extruded profile or at any time during an existing product’s life cycle. After a color match is requested, Formtech provides a lead time for samples and quotation for your new-colored parts. We submit samples for your approval of your profile in the custom color chosen. This process allows our customers to see the finished product before we order color in larger, production-sized quantities.

After you approve the new color for production, Formtech continually monitors the color (and, if applicable, the gloss level) to ensure that the product meets your specifications.  Formtech uses spectrophotometers and gloss meters at each manufacturing facility to check the color and gloss level during each production run.  We record this information and maintain records, for future reference. Learn more about our quality assurance process.

If you desire a specific color but perhaps do not need an exact match, let us know! Formtech inventories a variety of colors that may work for your application, without going through the color match process.