Embossing or Texturing Your Custom Plastic Extrusion

Formtech extrudes custom plastic profiles with embossing or texturing.  These surface finishes create a better appearance or serve a function, such as preventing slips or minimizing visual wear-and-tear.

Formtech completes the embossing or texturing process in-line. A variety of methods may be used to create your pattern, depending on the embossing location, the pattern itself, the depth of the pattern, and other factors. Completing this process in-line provides three benefits:

  • First, embossing or texturing increases the aesthetic or functional appeal of your custom plastic extrusion.
  • Second, Formtech ensures that your pattern looks and feels consistent throughout each production run. The great quality that you expect from Formtech is never compromised.
  • Third, this process is cost-effective!

Formtech uses a variety of patterns in its embossing and texturing process. Popular patterns include wood grain looks, pebble finishes, or anti-slip branding:

Wood Grain Patterns

You may see wood grain patterns in the building products or construction industry.  Generally, companies choose these patterns to provide a specific look to their products.  Wood grain embossing or texturing patterns may replicate a specific wood series (such as pine or oak).  They may also represent a more generic “ticking” pattern. Like with any embossing or texturing pattern, wood grain patterns can also be created to match a mating part, such as a steel panel or fiberglass door.

Pebble Finishes

Pebble finishes (like that seen to the right) offer an obscure texture.  These patterns can minimize the appearance of scuffs, scratches, nicks, or other blemishes. Retail stores or grocery stores often choose pebble finishes to minimize the appearance of wear-and-tear.

Branding Patterns

Unlike the wood grain patterns and pebble finishes that provide aesthetic advantages, some patterns serve a function. Branding patterns or anti-slip patterns help create a non-slip surface for applications such as flooring systems.

Other Patterns

Do you want a pattern not mentioned here? Ask us! Standard embossing or texturing patterns are available.  Formtech can also replicate your own unique pattern!