Providing Custom Plastic Extruded Profiles With Embossed or Textured Surfaces

Formtech can extrude a custom profile with an embossed or textured surface.  This process provides significant aesthetic advantages, while adding a minimal increase in product cost.

Popular embossing and texturing patterns include wood grain patterns, pebble finishes, or anti-slip branding:

Specialty tooling, including vacuum calibration, is generally necessary in order to extrude hollow type profiles.  However, with Formtech’s own tool building capabilities and its relationships with world class tooling vendors, hollow profiles can still be a viable and cost effective solution for your need.

Wood Grain Patterns

Wood Grain Patterns are often seen in the building products industry.  A wood grain pattern can be created to replicate a specific wood species, to provide a general “ticking” or wood grain look that does not replicate a specific species, or to match another wood grain pattern that may be used on a mating part, such as a steel panel or fiberglass door.

Pebble Finishes

Pebble Finishes are embossing patterns (like that seen to the right) that offer an obscure texture.  Pebble type finishes are often used to minimize the appearance of scuffs, scratches, or nicks caused by frequent contact, such as that experienced in retail or grocery stores.

Branding Patterns

Branding Patterns can also be created to help create a non-slip surface for applications including flooring systems.

Standard embossing or texturing patterns are available, or Formtech can replicate your own unique pattern.

The embossing and texturing process is completed in-line, using a variety of methods depending on the embossing location, pattern, depth of pattern, and other factors.  Using an in-line embossing technique helps to ensure consistent embossing throughout the production run.  The high quality you expect from Formtech is never comprised.