Using A Vast Range Of Fabrication Techniques

Formtech uses a vast range of fabrication techniques to provide value to our customers.  These fabrication processes, which are completed within tight tolerances, include:

  • Punching
  • Notching
  • Slotting
  • Tab Creation
  • Drilling

Online and offline fabrication both can be beneficial, depending on the profile’s material and volume.  Benefits of each process are displayed below:

Online fabrication should be considered when:

  • the volume of the product is high.  Online fabrication is generally the most cost-effective option for high volume products.  A return on the investment of fabrication tooling can be quickly realized.  This is because the part will have a lower piece price than if the product was fabricated offline.
  • quick production to delivery times are required.  With online fabrication, the extrusion is ready for our customer as soon as it comes off the line.  There is no extra lead time for the fabrication work to be completed.
  • scrap rates are critical.  Because the online fabrication process is automated and completed online, the amount of handling is reduced and the amount of scrap product that may be seen if the process was done manually will be reduced.

Offline fabrication may be advantageous if:

  • the product is low volume.  Low volumes may not allow for a return on investment of upfront development costs associated with building the fabrication tooling.  Similarly, if minimal capital expense is more important than piece price, offline fabrication may be the best option.
  • the resin required requires cooling before the shape finalizes.  In this case, it will be important for the extrusion to cool before fabrication operations are completed to ensure adherence to tight tolerances.
  • a large number of product configurations (i.e. colors, lengths, fabrication configurations) are needed with short lead times.  In this case, Formtech can extrude larger lot quantities to capitalize on production efficiencies and save the customer money.  Then, parts can be fabricated as needed and shipped just-in-time.