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cost effective extrusion, cheap extrusion, plastic extrusionHere at Formtech, it’s important for us to know that our customers are taking every chance they can to save when it comes to producing the products they need. To do that, we use our capabilities to reduce post-extrusion processes and make getting to your end application as cost-effective and direct as possible. Whether we are saving you time, money, or both, we have your best interests in mind. Here are a few capabilities that may help.


Multiple Material Extrusion: When the function of your profile requires different material parts, it is usually an option to assemble all of the pieces together, but not always the most cost-effective. Paying for twice the extrusion time and for offline assembly can add up quickly. Instead, we offer multiple material extrusions, which combine two or more polymers into one profile rather than two or more pieces. A common way we help customers is using co-extrusion to reduce the expense of color. Vivid or dark colors can add quite a bit to your piece price, so we use co-extrusion to produce your part in color where it shows and a different (or natural) color where the part is typically hidden. You can read here for other common ways that co-extrusion can be used as a method of cost reduction. co-extrusion, flexible pvc and rigid pvc, fpvc and rpvcWPC, cap stock, wood plastic, co-extrusionpvc pc co-extrusion, tri-extrusion, extrusion companies ohio pennsylvania, georgia

Hollowing A Profile: When a profile needs to be a certain shape or fill a certain space to function, it can add up quickly if that part is one solid piece of plastic. One of the largest factors of piece price is the raw material cost put into your finished piece, so reducing the weight while maintaining the function, shape, and size is important to the bottom line. Formtech has special equipment and relationships with world class tooling vendors which allows us to produce a hollow profile, reducing the overall weight of the product without sacrificing the strength, function, shape or size. Read more here about our hollow extrusion capabilities.Custom Plastic Extrusions

Material Selection: It is not uncommon for our team to see existing parts come through from our customers being manufactured in a material that has an alternative option, all while still meeting the requirements and functionality that the part needs. We pride ourselves in material knowledge and can help you to choose which material would be best and maintain the characteristics you are looking for in regards to function and special requirements (FDA approved, UV resistant, etc.). Our engineering team is at your disposal and are happy to help. Look here for more on material selection and here to contact us to talk about your material needs.

Custom Plastic Extrusions

Our Specialty Services: Formtech has obtained many specialty services in our 45+ years of being a top extrusion manufacturer because we say yes when others say no. We offer color matching before production begins to save time, efficiency, and rework. We offer online embossing and texturing, online adhesive application, cut-to-length abilities, and online fabrication services to optimize our extrusion manufacturing and avoid additional offline costs. We also offer assembly, packaging, and add-ons (such as instruction sheets in the box) to cut down on what needs to be done once it leaves our facility. Formtech also handles inventory for high-volume products when you need to know your products will ship in a hurry.

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Did you not see the specialty service you need listed or on our website? Contact us and we will tell you what we can do to best meet your needs. In the meantime, learn more about our process on our website: We can also be reached by phone (330-688-2171) or email (

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