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This month’s Formtech Feature highlights the Fairview, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility. This custom plastic profile extrusion plant is located just west of Erie, Pennsylvania and is ideally positioned to service the Midwest and Northeast markets in the United States, as well as customers from Montreal to Toronto. In fact, this extrusion manufacturing facility reaches over 95,000,000 people in the United States alone, within a 400 mile radius of the plant.

400 Mile Service Radius to Formtech

Areas Serviced Within a 400 Mile Radius of Formtech

  • Buffalo, NY-              88 Miles
  • Cleveland, OH –         90 Miles
  • Pittsburgh, PA –       120 Miles
  • Toronto, CN –           190 Miles
  • Chicago, IL –             400 Miles
  • Lexington, KY –        400 Miles
  • Grand Rapids, MI – 390 Miles
  • New York, NY –        360 Miles
  • Baltimore, MD –      360 Miles
  • Detroit, MI –             260 Miles

Fun facts about the area:

  • Experiences on average over 100″ of snowfall on an annual basis
  • Lake Erie is an anglers paradise, with some of the best steelhead, perch, smallmouth bass, and walleye fishing in the country
  • Fly fisherman flock to the streams around the area for world class steelhead fly fishing from October through March
  • The region has ideal soil conditions for grape crops and is the third largest wine producing area in the United States
  • Presque Isle State Park, a 3,112 acre park, draws more than 4,000,000 visitors per year

The Formtech manufacturing facility in Fairview has over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space less than a mile from I-90 (East-West interstate), and less than seven miles from Interstate I-79  (North/South interstate). The plant houses 14 custom plastic profile extrusion lines used to produce products in a wide variety of plastic materials:

Clear Custom Profile Extrusions by Formtech Enterprises

   Clear Custom Profile Extrusions by Formtech Enterprises


Customers find our Fairview extrusion facility associates easy to do business with. Whether a brand new customer, or one that has partnered with Formtech for over 25 years, it is all about customer service. We work everyday to exceed expectations and this can-do attitude is shared by all our associates. When a new custom profile is ordered, we start with a tooling kick-off meeting including representatives from sales, customer service, engineering, manufacturing, quality, and tooling development. All details of the new project are reviewed, including timing, quality expectations, packaging, and raw material requirements. The objective of the kick off meeting is to make sure each and every department has the information they require to meet expectations, all aspects of the project are communicated to everyone involved, and all details are shared before the tool is started. Once the tool is designed, built, and developed, samples are sent to the quality group to perform independent testing as part of a formal Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). Formtech Enterprises is committed to this quality philosophy to insure the manufacturing process is capable of making profile extrusions that consistently meet all requirements during actual production runs at quoted rates. We share this information with our customers as part of the sampling and part approval process.

Our quality group has advanced tools and instrumentation including color testing spectrophotometers, gloss meters, optical comparators, digital length measuring devices, impact testers, and standards traceable back to the bureau of standards that are used to calibrate digital calipers, micrometers, and other devices our operators use to manufacture an extruded plastic profile.

Products manufactured at this profile extrusion plant are diverse, serving a wide variety of market areas including the window and door industry (fenestration), the transportation industry, the point of purchase industry, the electrical industry, the electronics industry, the construction industry, and many other markets on a custom basis. The types of products manufactured at this custom profile extrusion plant include:

Custom Extruded Bumpers and Wall Protection by Formtech

   Custom extruded bumpers & guards by Formtech

  • extruded tubing profiles
  • extruded glazing profiles
  • extruded glazing bead profiles
  • extruded point of purchase (POP) profiles
  • extruded weatherstrip profiles
  • extruded door sweep profiles
  • extruded light bar profiles
  • extruded electrical components
  • extruded bumper and bumper guards
  • extruded custom profiles
  • extruded mat edging
  • extruded profiles including tape and magnetic strips applied in-line

Unique Capabilities

  •  In house tool design and construction capability using wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and traditional machining equipment
  • AutoCad and MasterCam CAD software used for tooling design and construction
  • Both in-line and out-of line fabrication capabilities, including cutting to length, adhesive tape & magnetic tape application, mitering, punching, chamfered and beveled end-cuts, routing and kit packaging
  • Design assistance to aid clients in developing plastic extruded products, from a design for manufacturing perspecitive
  • In house material drying capabilities for hydroscopic plastic materials used in the extrusion process
  • Dual and Tri-Extrusion capability to allow two or even three raw materials to used for multi-functional plastic extruded profiles
  • Formtech Fairview specializes in clear custom profile extrusions, using a variety of clear materials such as PVC, Acrylic, Butyrate, and Polycarbonate
  • Tooling and extrusion capabilities allow hollow and multiple hollow profiles to be made, including tubing, pipe, and custom profile extrusions based on customer designs

Fun Facts about Formtech Fairview

  • Primary profile extruders range from 2-1/2″ screw diameter machines up to 3-1/2″
  • Extruders used as side machines for dual extrusion and tri extrusion range from 3/4″ to 2″
  • The smallest profile made at this extrusion facility is less than 1/4″ in width
  • Our most senior employee at this facility is celebrating his 34 year anniversary in custom profile extrusion with Formtech Enterprises in April of this year
  • Our staff is from the local area and have less than a 30 mile drive each day to work at Formtech Enterprises
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