Product Overview

Formtech produces a line of products used to refurbish commercial refrigeration cases, previously manufactured by Tyler Refrigeration.  The parts included in this line are:

  • kickplate
  • bumper
  • retainer bumper
  • raceway cover
  • backer bumper
  • backer raceway cover
  • lens profile

The products are generally produced and cut to length in 98.188″, 146.188″ or 155.0″ lengths.

The parts are available in popular colors including:  black, steel gray, cherry red, oatmeal, cool gray, and more.

Tyler Refrigeration Commercial Bumper Products Available for these models:

  • N5 Series:  Medium temperature self-service display cases (N5M, N5MG, N5MGHP)
  • N6 Series:  Medium temperature self-service display cases (N6DL, N6DM, N6LH, N6DLR, N6DMR, N6DNL, N6DNM, N6DNH)
  • N6 Series:  Low temperature self-service display cases (NFX, NFSX, NCSX, NFSGX, NCSGX)
  • N6 Series:  Low temperature self-service display cases (N6F, N6FL)

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Product Benefits

  • The commercial refrigeration line of products is made from durable rigid PVC, which has excellent electrical properties as well as the strength and impact resistance necessary for a high traffic application.  The lens product is made of butyrate, making it an exceptionally clear product that has good impact resistance, even in cold temperatures.
  • The products are available in several standard colors or your color can be matched.  Three standard lengths are also available, reducing any work you need to complete between receiving the product from Formtech and installing it on your case.
  • Having these parts available will allow you to replace damaged or old parts while keeping the body of the case in tact.  This can save the user a significant amount of money compared to replacing the entire refrigeration case.

Capability Highlights

Formtech has several distinct capabilities that allow this product to be manufactured:

  • Twin screw technology – Formtech uses twin screw technology to produce this product line, allowing for faster output of the product.  This allows a large quantity of product to be produced in a shorter period of time.
  • Color matching – Formtech can produce the commercial refrigeration bumper line in any color, including a color custom to your application.  We will work with our vendors to ensure that the exact color needed is what you receive.
  • Embossing – The commercial refrigeration bumper line of products is produced with a pebble finish, which minimizes the appearance of scuffs, scratches, or nicks caused by frequent contact, such as that which is experienced in retail or grocery stores.