Product Overview

Truline is an innovative, hybrid sheet piling system comprised of a patented, double-locking, weatherable polymeric form that is produced by Formtech.  This form is filled with steel reinforced concrete to create a strong and long-lasting wall for commercial marine and land retention projects, including seawalls, bulkheads, flood protection, and shoreline stabilization.

Product Benefits

  • Truline has proven strength.  Truline creates a form that is filled with steel-reinforced concrete, allowing for tall exposed wall heights.  The product also has dual-interlocking joints, which provide continuous strength integrity throughout the wall and also along corners and radiuses.  This strength was proven by an independent, certified testing laboratory.
  • The installation of Truline is efficient.  Truline sheets are cut into your custom length and the lightweight material is easy to handle, resulting in a quick installation and less expensive equipment requirements.  In fact, no special equipment is needed.  The flat profiles also make it easy to form a concrete cap.
  • Truline has a long service life.  The materials used are proven to be durable in exterior environments, have high impact resistance, and are UV resistant against fading and discoloration in harsh environments.  The wall is virtually maintenance free, and is non-corrosive, non-chalking, and chemical resistant.  In addition, Truline’s core material is made from post-industrial recycled materials making the product an environmentally friendly option.
  • Truline has a refined appearance.  The wall is available in three standard colors (beige, light gray, or sand) or custom colors, and will not fracture, spall, or rust.  There are also available radius parts to provide continuous integrity as well as a great appearance throughout the turns or curves.

Capability Highlights

Formtech, the parent company and manufacturer of Truline, has several distinct capabilities that allow this product to be manufactured:

  • Multiple material extrusions – Truline is extruded with a post-industrial recycled core material and a colored cap.  This allows the product to be environmentally friendly and cost effective, while maintaining a consistent and refined appearance.
  • Large extrusions – The parts in the Truline series are as large as 11.75” deep by 18” wide.  Formtech has the ability to extrude large profiles like this efficiently and with superior quality.
  • Color matching – In cases where a Truline user would like a custom color, Formtech can work with our vendors to ensure that the exact color needed is what you receive.
  • Cut to Length – Formtech will cut the Truline parts in the length that you need so that you do not need to do any additional cutting or sawing.  This will allow the product to be ready for installation when it arrives at your site.