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When you work with Formtech, you work with a family business.  By interacting with us, you will work with a small, tight-knit group with vast capabilities.  To ensure that you receive great service and high quality products, it’s important that we get to know you and your products.  But, we also want you to get to know us, too.  Learn about our family through our Blog Series: Getting To Know The Formtech Family, by meeting Aleisha Stout!


What is your name and job title at Formtech?

Aleisha Stout, Business Development Administrator.


What role does your job play in the Formtech process?

I am typically the first person a new customer will speak to, holding their hand through the quoting process and development of their custom profiles. I continue to stay in contact with them in regards to pricing, stock agreements, and as new extrusion opportunities come up for them. I’m also behind the curtain for our website, blog, social media platforms, and marketing activities.


Who do you work with on a regular basis?

I work with our customers, our amazing product development team, and management. We’re a tight knit group, so there aren’t many times we’re out of touch for long.


What is your proudest moment at Formtech so far?

Our website redesign to better explain our capabilities to current and future customers. We pack a mighty punch in the specialty services we provide, which many people wouldn’t guess!


What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I have two kiddos under two, so odds are I’m with our young family, making memories.


What are the top 3 highlights of your life?

The birth of our children, our wedding day, and being the first in my immediate family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.


Finish this sentence: “Three things people would be surprised to know about me include…”

  1. I took culinary arts in high school and won second at state in a cooking competition where I served as team captain (think Chopped with the surprise ingredients).
  2. When my husband and I moved in together, we owned over 500 books.
  3. I worked in childcare for years in a room by myself with 12-14 two year olds which gave me the patience of a saint, an impressive ability to understand toddler babble, and a very strong passion for coffee.


What was your favorite childhood gift that you ever received?

All of the Harry Potter books came out shortly before my birthday each year. My aunt would buy me the new book when it came out, but I’d have to wait the painstaking few weeks to get it until it was officially my birthday. The longest they would take me to read was a day.


What do you like best about working at Formtech?

We make custom products. Everything we do is to meet our customers’ needs. We’re willing to experiment and test what works and what doesn’t if it means that the end product works for you!


What is something people might not know about Formtech?

We have a mile-long list (and growing) of capabilities and specialty services we can offer. We have multiple areas of expertise and we love the opportunity to flaunt them while creating solutions for our customers’ challenges, like we successfully did for one customer in regards to a wood plastic composite door surround. Contact us today or email me at–you’ll be glad you did.


What are you having for dinner tonight after work?

Probably grilled cheese and tomato soup since my almost two year old think soup is the most magical food ever. It takes her 40 minutes, but she slurps up every drop by spoon and it’s hilarious.


What dessert would you have magically appear afterwards, if you could pick?

I recently had Cheesecake Factory for the first time, so 100% their red velvet cheesecake!

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