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Formtech’s proprietary mat edging products provide a perfect transition from flooring to a surface applied mat.  These mats include woven mats, carpet, or PVC “noodle” or “spaghetti” mats.  Formtech offers four standard product sizes.  We package them them by roll, for convenience in use.  With various options for attaching your mat, our design is versatile and easy to cut and apply.

In addition to our standard onyx black edging, we are excited to announce three new standard colors!  Each color has a matte finish, which highlights the mat rather than distracting from it.  The matte finish also minimizes the appearance of scuffs or other wear and tear, which can help maintain the professional look of the mat and lengthen its lifespan.  Check out Formtech’s color offerings:

Onyx Black Mat Edging


Safety Yellow Mat Edging

Chocolate Brown Mat Edging

Nickel Gray Mat Edging

Custom Color Mat Edging

Are you looking for colors outside of our four standard offerings? Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We provide custom color matching services for all of our extruded profiles.

All of our colors come in all four of our standard size edging options as well as custom sizing, available to you upon request. Volume based pricing is available along with custom packaging options.


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