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We are proud to introduce the newest way we can serve you: Mat and carpet edging!

What is mat/carpet edging?

Mat/carpet edging accommodates products from all major manufacturers, including spaghetti mats, carpets, woven materials, as a transition material from floor to mat surface. The product helps to reduce trips, minimize the mat’s movement, and create a clean esthetic to showcase the mat or carpeting.


What’s special about our mat edging?

Our plastic compound is specially formulated to provide a smooth, matte, durable surface finish. Our premium edging resists scuffs and marring better than gloss or satin surface finishes, and is easier to clean and maintain. Our profiles are precise because we own the tooling and can maintain them, ensuring consistency, quality, and competitive pricing. Our team offers excellent service and product knowledge–if you have a question or need help, we are at your service.


Sizes available:

0.125″ Height Low Profile



0.250″ Height Medium Profile



0.320″ Height Mid-Range Profile



0.375″ Height High Profile



Don’t see a size that fits your needs?

Because we are a custom plastic extrusion company, we are able to offer sizes outside of these standard four options, larger or smaller. Please call or contact us today and we will get started on your project.


Colors available:

Black onyx, brown, and safety yellow are our stock colors available, though more colors are available upon request. You can call or contact us to see if your desired color is available for shipment.

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