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Suppliers & Vendors:

As our valued vendor of Formtech Enterprises, Inc., you will find information detailing payment options and terms.


Please note that in most cases, our delivery address and bill-to-address are different. Our bill-to-address for all payments is as follows:

3924 Clock Pointe Trail, Suite 101
Stow, Ohio 44224

Please note this location is an office only and cannot accept large packages. Packages that are sent to this address but intended for a plant location will be rejected and returned to the sender.

Submitting Invoices:

All invoices must be submitted to the above bill-to-address, regardless of the location of the shipment. As an alternative to postal mail, invoices can be submitted electronically to The benefits of submitting invoices electronically include:

–  SIMPLE: Scan a copy of your invoice, or print to a PDF, and email it to the address listed above.
–  SMART: Emailing your invoices is a cost effective alternative to mailing them. You have the opportunity to reduce your administrative, printing, and postage costs, and streamline your payment process. Additionally, your invoices will be received and processed in a timelier manner, leading to faster payment remittance.
–  SAFE: Emailing invoices removes the possibility of lost invoices in the mail.
–  GREEN:  It’s environmentally friendly! Go paperless by avoiding printed copies of invoices, envelopes, and stamps.

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