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Representatives from AMCO, Chase Plastics, M. Holland Company, and PolySource participated in a panel-like conversation for a Plastics Business article about the issues suppliers are having along with possible solutions they anticipate may help alleviate the struggles of the supply chain strain in the industry right now.

A reoccurring theme was the strain on logistics. Leading the supply chain issues is an increase in driver shortages for the trucking industry, which is causing a rise in market cost for deliveries. The trucking industry is also gaining more control of which loads they will carry which leads to not meeting delivery expectations for raw materials or finished goods. Those challenges along with trucking industry regulations, rail system issues and aging results in unmet commitments and prices that are carried through to processors and customers.

To help avoid the bottleneck of the current supply chain issues, longer lead times, larger or condensed orders, and even efficient loading and unloading have been cited as possible solutions that processors and customers can help with.

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