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It’s no secret that plastic is everywhere!  We often associate plastic products with cleanliness and convenience, but what about safety and protection? Plastics Make It Possible recently posted about the many ways that plastic protects us. Some are easily thought of while others are not.

Some examples of plastic affecting safety include:

Cars have changed over time from having metal components to having plastic components.  Plastic not only lessens weight, but it also absorbs the crash energy that metal components would pass to the driver and passengers.

Wearable plastics protect our bodies.  For instance, kids wear a helmet while learning to ride a bike, or SWAT, police, and military personnel wear bulletproof vests.  Our favorite athletes and the astronauts who travel in space also use wearable plastics.

At Formtech, we  work with customers to produce products meant to improve safety. We have even developed a mat edging in safety yellow to designate areas within a work area due to industry feedback. Plastics and protection go hand in hand. Contact Formtech today so we can work together to find the best plastic extrusion solution for your company.

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