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With nearly fifty years of experience, Formtech has been able to develop innovative capabilities with plastic extrusions that allow us to service manufacturers and distributors in several industries. Today we are going to highlight our ability to extrude multiple materials per part.

Do you have a project that requires two or more types of plastic parts?

Rather than assembling two separately manufactured parts, we are able to co-extrude some combinations to offer multiple material extrusions. Most commonly seen is rigid and flexible PVC, but many combinations are possible thanks to our skilled engineering team. Avoiding the high cost of assembly labor and condensing two manufactured parts into one might be a cost effective solution worth contacting us about.

co-extrusion, flexible pvc and rigid pvc, fpvc and rpvc

Is a portion of your colored part not visible in the end application?

Bright and bold colors stand out, but so do the costs that are associated with color concentrates or pre-colored raw material. For some of our customers, the best solution to be budget conscious while not sacrificing appearance requires a multiple material extrusion, co-extrusion, or tri-extrusion that keeps the part natural except for the portions that are visible in the end application. One of the more successful ways this can be achieved is using a colored cap stock, often paired with outdoor applications for our wood plastic composite materials (WPC).

WPC, cap stock, wood plastic, co-extrusion

Does your part need to multitask?

A retail store data strip can have a clear front, so that the price can be displayed to the customer, and a colored back, so that the shelf edge has a consistent color. Outdoor applications often have requirements that can be achieved with a cap stock material rather than altering the properties of the whole part involved. PVC can be co-extruded with a less expensive polymer such as polycarbonate to keep costs down and increases the life of the part before it wears down. If you have a multitasking part, contact us to see if multiple material extrusion is right for your project.

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Unsure if multiple material extrusion is the answer?

Thanks to a tight-knit group of engineers, you don’t have to know if multiple extrusion is the answer for your project. Contact us and our team will help you decide what best fits your needs and budget.

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