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Custom Plastic Extrusion

Step 1 of the Formtech Process involves our engineering team. Together, we brainstorm together its feasibility and challenges. We strive to keep lines of communication open from the get-go. We make sure to understand your needs, whether it includes quoting a well-established part’s drawing or offering options and suggestions for a new project still in development. Many times, we collaborate with customers to determine on how best to extrude their product while ensuring its functionality.

Challenge us to find a solution to your manufacturing needs. You will walk away feeling confident and excited for the next step in the process when we finalize your part and move into the product development process together.

Sometimes, you know what you need but don’t know what information to offer. Our team will help guide you to get from problem to solution. Here are a few common points we typically make sure to ask:

  • Shape: What are the dimensions of the product? We will request a drawing, preferably in AutoCAD format, of your profile. Which dimensions are critical? What tolerances must be maintained?
  • Material: What are the material requirements for your profile? Is there a specific material that you would like Formtech to use? How should the material function in its application?
  • Color: What color is your profile? Does your profile need to match another part?
  • Environment: Will your product be used in an outdoor environment or an indoor environment? To what temperature range will the profile be exposed?
  • Application: What is the application of your profile? Are there mating parts?
  • Fabrication: Do you require fabrication? Embossing? Adhesive?
  • Length: What is the length of your extrusion?
  • Packaging: How do you want the profile to be packaged?
  • Usage: What is the annual volume of your profile? How much product do you anticipate purchasing at a time?

If you are interested in learning more about your extrusion options, please contact us today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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