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Formtech Enterprises manufactures a complete line of high impact, extruded bumpers and retainers for the former Tyler Refrigeration Advantage Series commercial refrigeration cases.

Tyler Refrigeration Extruded Bumper Replacement Products - Formtech EnterprisesReplacement parts offered by Formtech Enterprises for the Tyler Refrigeration Advantage Series line include a kickplate, bumper, retainer bumper, raceway cover, backer bumper and backer raceway.

All extruded plastic profiles for this commercial refrigeration line of products are made from durable rigid PVC, a material that has excellent electrical properties as well as the strength and impact resistance required for this kind of high traffic and impact application. Exposed surfaces on these products are embossed, or textured, to improve the appearance and durability of the extruded profiles in this high traffic environment.

Formtech’s replacement parts allow replacement of damaged or worn parts while keeping the case intact, or for use in completely refurbishing units for installation in another merchandiser. Formtech replacement parts are available in original equipment Black, Steel Gray, Oatmeal, Savannah, Cool Gray, Soft Stone, Pearl and Cherry Red colors. Custom colors can also be matched for store specific colors subject to minimum order requirements.

These products were used extensively across the Tyler  Refrigeration Advantage Series product line, for a wide variety of Tyler model numbers.

Tyler Refrigeration Advantage N5 Series Medium Temperature Self Service Display Cases– Multi-Shelf Meat, Deli, and Critical Temperature Produce Merchandisers:

  • N5M
  • N5MG
  • N5MGHP

Tyler Refrigeration Advantage N6 Series Medium Temperature Self Serve Display Cases– Multi-Shelf Dairy, Deli, Produce and Juice Merchandisers:

  • N6DL
  • N6DM
  • N6LH
  • N6DLR
  • N6DMR
  • N6DNL
  • N6DNM
  • N6DNH

Tyler Refrigeration Advantage Series Low Temperature Self Serve Display Cases– Open Well Frozen Food and Ice Cream Merchandisers:

  • NFX
  • NFSX
  • NCSX

Tyler Refrigeration Advantage Series Low Temperature Self Serve Display Cases– Multi-Shelf Frozen Food Merchandisers:

  • N6F
  • N6FL

Each product in the series is available in original equipment lengths of 98.188″, 146.188″ and 155.0″ lengths so parts can be fit into place without cutting.

For more information on product specifics, lead-times, run schedules or other questions regarding the Advantage Series product line, contact us, or call today.


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