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It’s no secret that plastic is all around us, but did you know that many of those plastics are extruded?

Extrusion is everywhere and you probably see it every day without realizing it. Today, we’re going to point out some extruded products you can find without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Custom Plastic Extrusion Manufacturer

Door and window surrounds: Around many of our doors and windows are extruded door surrounds. A wood plastic composite is often used due to its visual appeal and its lower CTE and higher HDT than plastic resins.

Trim: Recently, crown molding has become an envied amenity for new home buyers. It creates a homey feeling and ties a room together. To thank for that, we turn to extrusion and its ability to cut long pieces of product. Formtech has the ability to cut to length for your project, along with different types of cuts.

Pipes: Less of an amenity and more of a necessity, plumbing, heating, and cooling pipes are extruded things that are found in the large majority of homes. Pipes and tubes are ideal for extrusion due to their consistent shape. Whether your part is solid or hollow, a consistent shape guarantees that all tolerances are met consistently. Our engineers are happy to offer help to make your project as extrusion-friendly as possible.

Garage door parts: Many components of garage doors are a compilation of extruded products. The garage seals, the door panels, the window trim–all extruded products. Read here to choose a material that would work well in extreme conditions.

Decking: Some extrusions you can literally find in your own backyard. Decking materials are just another extrusion that makes our lives more enjoyable. To meet the wood aesthetic most homeowners are trying to achieve, WPC is used. Wood Plastic Composite can even be stained or painted to match any existing wood.

Picture frames: Inside the home, pictures make a house a home. The picture frames that hold the pictures could also be extrusions! Frames are made of four extruded pieces that are mitered and put together. You can learn more about our abilities to miter and fabricate parts here.

To determine if your project could be produced with extrusion, contact us to learn more.

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